Our Difference

About us

We work offsite so you can have as little, or as much, involvement that you choose.

We love working with small to medium sized businesses.

Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or company involved in health, construction or farming, Complete Bookkeeping Concepts can help you sort out your business bookkeeping.

We simply want the best outcome for you, our client, and we do this by working with you and your accountant.

Our Mission

We thrive on making numbers make sense!

We work offsite so you can have as little, or as much, involvement that you choose.

You don’t want to spend your time crunching numbers, and you don’t want to be paying accountant fees to do it either. You also don’t want to be worrying that what you have lodged is correct, and you don’t want to be stressing about meeting deadlines on top of running your business.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between business owners and accounts – to make sure all the numbers add up, in your business and your fees!

If bookkeeping and administration is keeping you awake at night, or taking time away from your work life balance then we can help with that.

Why Choose CBC?

Our team is our point of difference. We are qualified for the work that we do and as an added bonus we have two accountants on staff.

We have been looking after bookkeeping since the time of paper ledger systems, before bookkeeping software was introduced. That means we understand the fundamentals and have the experience to ensure your bookkeeping is clean, accurate and up-to-date.

We want to help you minimise the stress around bookkeeping by putting systems into place. By providing management accounting solutions that will have you making quality decisions about your business.

We are MYOB Certified Consultants

We are MYOB Certified Consultants and over 90% of our clients use MYOB software. And there’s a reason for that, we love MYOB! We know that we are efficient with MYOB and that we can pick up user errors. We trust that is has a solution for most (if not all) business owners and we believe it is the most user-friendly accounting software available. We know not everyone has that option and that’s okay, we want to make sure that your accounting software is the best one for you! So if your bookkeeper or accountant has been trying to talk you into converting to a program that doesn’t feel right to you, then contact us.